2016-2019 - Four years on!


It is now four years since the ACATs had mandated the International Bureau to further the FIACAT’s progress along the three axes of the 2016-2019 strategic plan. It is therefore time to take stock.

The FIACAT has been active with regard to its international and regional representation. It has regularly supported the ACATs before the United Nations when their states are reviewed by the treaty bodies, submitted alternative reports and organised side events. At the regional level, before the Council of Europe, the European Union and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the FIACAT is known for its expertise on torture, ill-treatment and the death penalty. The FIACAT is thus regularly consulted on the drafting or revision of guidelines, general observations or opinions.

The FIACAT strategically utilises international, regional and programmatic meetings to build the capacity of the ACATs’. The World Congress Against the Death Penalty, meetings of the European ACATs, sessions of the ACHPR and workshops with opinion makers provide opportunities for the FIACAT to organise trainings for the ACATs and their local partners in various fields: submission of alternative reports, project management, and advocacy. These specialised training sessions have resulted not only in strengthening the profile of the FIACAT by increasing the number of reports submitted to international and regional institutions but has also boosted the FIACAT’s credibility and good project management and empowered several ACATs.

The final axis concerns the sustainability of the FIACAT’s actions. The Statutes and Rules of Procedure have been revised. Development of the network has mainly consisted of its consolidation. The website has been renewed, but there is a need for an effective communication strategy in order to enhance the FIACAT’s visibility. The accounts have been positive for the last four years. Recognition is due to the International Secretariat, which has undergone a change in continuity, and grown stronger with the addition of new members to cope with the increasing volume of activity. Despite this, the Bureau has not achieved all the objectives set in 2016 and has not met all the expectations of its members. There are further challenges ahead and we shall rise to them together.

I should like to thank our partners, all the members of the network and the thousands of volunteers and supporters throughout the world, who, inspired by faith and hope, sustain the FIACAT’s onward march!


President of the FIACAT