A new International Bureau and a new Strategic Plan for FIACAT

Vincennes, 30 June 2020 - The International Federation of ACATs, the FIACAT, held its International Council by electronic means from 8 to 29 June 2020. During this session, the delegates of 21 ACATs elected a new International Bureau and adopted the FIACAT Strategic Plan 2020-2024.


Paul ANGAMAN (Côte d'Ivoire) was re-elected President for a second mandate.The FIACAT International Council elected a new International Bureau for a 4-year term of office, made up of eight ACAT representatives from Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic confessions.

He will be assisted in implementing the new FIACAT Strategic Plan by:

  • Christophe D'ALOISIO (Belgium)
  • Claire DORAN (Canada)
  • Michel KALEMBA NGALAMULUME (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Jean-Bernard MARIE (France)
  • Salomon NODJITOLOUM (Chad)
  • Benoît THERY (France)
  • Jean-Daniel VIGNY (Switzerland)

"The FIACAT's priorities for the next four years (2020-2024) will be threefold: to fight against torture and ill-treatment and to contribute to the abolition of the death penalty; to strengthen the capacities of the ACATs and the cooperation between them and to perpetuate the action of the FIACAT", explains Paul Angaman, FIACAT President.

The ban on torture and the abolition of the death penalty are indeed the basis of the action of both the FIACAT and the ACATs, which have unique expertise on this phenomenon. Despite the prohibition of torture in international law, it is still frequently carried out today. The FIACAT therefore wishes to continue to support the ACATs belonging to its network on these issues by providing them with the necessary tools while ensuring the protection of their members who are in danger because of their activities as human rights defenders.

"Achieving the strategic objectives set by the International Council 2020 in due course is the challenge and mission of the new International Bureau, which will be able to count on the FIACAT network", says Paul Angaman.

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