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There are currently around 30 ACATs throughout the world - 26 are affiliated ACATs.

The whole ACAT network meets at least once every four years, during the FIACAT International Council.

What is ACAT ?

Ever since it was founded, in 1974, ACAT (Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture) has campaigned on behalf of people who are tortured, detained in inhuman conditions, sentenced to death or "disappeared", whatever their origins, political opinions or religious beliefs.

ACAT seeks to increase awareness in the Churches and amongst Christians of the existence of torture and the need, for reasons of Christian faith, to work towards its abolition.

ACATs seek to promote prevention and vigilance with regards to abuses committed by law enforcement officials in their own countries, as well as human rights education programmes.

The action as a network

FIACAT facilitates networking on the African and European continents.

These networks allow ACATs to be better represented at international (United Nations ) and regional bodies (African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights , Council of Europe and the European union ), and enable a more in -depth look at issues specific to one continent (impunity in Africa, right of asylum in Europe) as well as possible actions at the regional level; in exceptional circumstances, all ACATS concerned may approach their respective governments.


Affiliated ACATs Affiliated ACATs
ACATs in process of affiliation ACATs in process of affiliation
Accompanied Groups Accompanied Groups

ACAT's List 



ACAT Bénin / Benin
03 BP 0394
Cotonou - Bénin

ACAT Burkina Faso / Burkina Faso
02 BP 5093
Ouagadougou 02 - Burkina-Faso

ACAT Burundi/ Burundi

ACAT Cameroun / Cameroon
758, Boulevard de la réunification
Feux-Rouges Bessenguè
Immeuble Aziccul -2ème étage
B.P : 3026 Douala
République du Cameroun
Tél. +237 699-85-14-71 / +237 676 69 88 69
E-mail :

ACAT Centrafrique /Central African Republic
BP 527
Bangui - République Centrafricaine

ACAT Congo / Congo
B.P 15.307
1328, rue Mabirou Ouenzé
Brazzaville - Congo

ACAT Côte d’Ivoire / Côte d’Ivoire
S/c Caritas - 01 BP 2590
Abidjan 01 - Côte d’Ivoire

ACAT Ghana /Ghana*
Po Box 532
Ho, VR - Ghana


ACAT Libéria / Liberia
Gballasuah, Tubmanburg,
Bomi County - Libéria

 ACAT Madagascar / Madagascar
Lot III U 152 T Bis X, 
Anjanakilahy Anosizato-Est I, 
Antananarivo 101- Madagascar

ACAT Mali / Mali
BP 298
Paroisse Catholique de Bamako
Bamako - Mali

ACAT Niger / Niger 
s/c Alfari Balma
BP 13331
Niamey- Niger

ACAT République Démocratique du Congo / Democratic Republic of Congo
BP 3375 Kinshasa
République Démocratique du Congo.

ACAT Sénégal / Senegal
Paroisse universitaire St-Dominique
Km4, B.P: 5098 Dakar-Fann/ Sénégal

ACAT Tchad /Chad
BP 2231
N’Djamena - Tchad

ACAT Togo / Togo
Avédji Carrefour Limousine
Immeuble MA.GE.COP
Lomé -TOGO.

Amériques/ Americas

ACAT Brésil /Brasil
Praça Clovis Bevilaqua, 351, sala 701
01018-001 Sao Paulo SP / Brésil

ACAT Canada / Canada
2715, ch. de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montreal (Qc) H3T 1B6 - Canada




ACAT Etats-Unis/ USA

P.O. Box 314
Pleasant Hill, TN 38578-0314


Asie/ Asia

ACAT Philippines **
Our Lady of Fatima Parish
37 Cordillera Street
Quezon City, Manilla



ACAT Allemagne / Germany
Postfach 1114
D-59331 Lüdinghausen - Allemagne

ACAT Belgique/ Belgium
Rue Brogniez 44- Anderlecht - Belgique

ACAT Espagne- Catalogne /Spain- Catalonia
c/ Angli 55
08017 Barcelona - Espagne

ACAT France /France
7 rue Georges Lardennois
F- 75019 Paris - France

ACAT Italie /Italy
Via della Traspontina 15
00193 Roma - Italie /


ACAT Luxembourg / Luxembourg
5 Avenue Marie-Thérèse
L-2132 Luxembourg

ACAT République Tchèque/ Czech Republic **
Pohorelec 26,
CZ-118 00 Praha - République tchèque

ACAT Royaume Uni / UK
c/o 6 Coleridge Road
Ottery St Mary
East Devon, EX11 1TD - Royaume Uni

ACAT Suisse/ Switzerland
Speichergasse 20
Case Postale
CH- 3001 Berne - Suisse

ACAT Suède / Sweden
Box 64
12522 Älvsjö Stockholm - Suède

*ACAT en cours d’affiliation/ ACAT not yet affiliated
** Groupes accompagnés