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Media Intervention

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les interventions de la FIACAT dans les médias :


October 2022

Abolish the Death Penalty


Juin 2022

Un peccato mortale


MAY 2022

Central African Republic: Lifting presidential term limits "could be a source of unrest"


April 2022

  • Paul Angaman's intervention in RFI's "Invité Afrique" programme.

Death penalty: "More and more African states are de facto abolitionist


March 2022

  • Marie Salphati's intervention in the "Genève Internationale" programme on Radio Cité Genève.

Program of 24/03


February 2022

Documentary as an Asset for NGOs


October 2021

Capital Punishment on the Wane in Africa


The French Penalty in the World, 40 Years After its Abolition in France


August 2021

Xavière Prugnard (FIACAT): "Only 15 Countries Still Maintain the Death Penalty in Africa