ACAT France
7 rue Georges Lardennois
F -75019 Paris
Tel : (33) (0)1 40 40 42 43
Fax : (33) (0)1 40 40 42 44

Areas of intervention:
Fight against torture, fight against death penalty, protection of victims, notably through the promotion of asylum right

Manner of intervention :
1) Help to victims
a. at the international level

- intervention in favor of individual cases, throughout the world, by urgent appeals or letters ;

- a help to victims and their family by sponsoring actions ;

- legal assistance ;
b. in France

- legal assistance for asylum seekers ;

- legal and administrative assistance notably for family entry and settlement .

2) Lobbying for the prevention of torture and fight against impunity
a. At the international level

- Investigations, report publications, participation to international campaigns, questionning of french and international authorities
b. In France

- Lobbying in favor of a legal framework for protection of victims and respect of asylum right.

- Lobbying in favor of the respect, by France, of its obligations from national law and international human rights law (counter report at the CAT, questionning campaigns towards authorities, etc.)

3) Raising public awareness and educate on Human rights

- Publication of a newspaper on human rights

- Information campaigns

- Specifiques actions for youngsters (teaching tools, week -end for youngsterse, etc.)

- Member's training session (human rights, geopolitics, torture, etc.)