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[UN File] Working group on arbitrary detention

July 2006

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[UN File] Working group on arbitrary detention

As we announced in our email of 22 February 2006 and as a response to the request of a large majority of the ACATs, please find enclosed the supplement "International instruments: tools to act!", for the working group on arbitrary detention.

It is completed by the model questionnaire to be completed by persons alleging arbitrary arrest or detention.

Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Since the Working Group was set up by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and not under a treaty, it has no powers (under international law) conferred by a treaty to oblige a government to take action or to put a stop to any violation of fundamental rights.

Its aim is to help the victims of arbitrary arrests and their relatives by submitting a particular case to the government in question.

The Group consists of five members appointed to act in a personal capacity.

It meets three times a year to consider issues submitted to it, but it also investigates at any time of the year cases brought to its attention under the "urgent action procedure".

- Download the UN File "Tool for action"

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