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Partnership between civil society organizations and La Francophonie, 10 years after the Bamako Declaration - Geneva, Switzerland, 23-25 ​​June 2010

June 2010

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Organized in preparation of the XIIIth Summit of Heads of States and Governments of La Francophonie, an Conference of International NGOs was held from 23 to 25 June 2010 in Geneva (Switzerland). Its purpose was to evaluate the implementation of the Bamako Declaration, ten years after its adoption.

The Bamako Declaration constitutes the normative text of reference of La Francophonie for its actions in favour of democracy, human rights and civil liberties.

To share his experience on spreading ideas of democracy and human rights in the Francophone world, FIACAT presented its activities on the implementation of the Robben Island Guidelines in Francophone Africa. In particular, it presented the three-year project on the prevention of torture she conducted with 13 African Francophone ACATs and the APT as well as the experience earned from this program.

FIACAT also mentioned its pilot programme on the improvement of conditions of detention in Burkina Faso which it undertakes in partnership with ACAT Burkina and APT.

Finally, the conference was the opportunity to re-elect the presidents of each of the four missions. for the mission B "Peace, Democracy and Human Rights", the President of Lawyers Without Borders France (ASF), has been elected.

FIACAT has expressed its desire, for the OIF, to get more involved in the future on matters dealing with custody and access to justice for persons in custody and imprisoned. In many francophone countries where ACAT is established, prison conditions, overcrowding, lack of access to care or quality food and non-observance of procedural safeguards dealing with the detention, are the main causes of breach of the absolute ban on torture.

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