4.- For the victims

January 2001

[English] [français]

Four prayers in litany form

Prayer no. 1

Jesus, you set prisoners free: in your mercy, remember those deprived of liberty!

Jesus, you bring justice to the oppressed: in your mercy, remember those whose lives have been torn apart by human justice.

Jesus, you were scorned for no reason: in your mercy, remember those who have been deceived or betrayed!

Jesus, your gave your life for love of the Kingdom: in your mercy, remember those who give their lives for others!

Jesus, you found no consolation: in your mercy, remember those who are in distress or losing hope!

Jesus, you were given vinegar to drink: in your mercy, remember those who suffer for justice!

Jesus, you were humiliated by men, but saved by God: give strength to the poor!

Prayer no. 2

For those oppressed by grief, remember, Lord, your agony.
For those who suffer in the flesh, remember, Lord, the torture you endured.
For those who suffer derision, remember, Lord, your crown of thorns.
For those who despair of life, remember, Lord, your cry to the Father.
For those who hope against all hope, let your resurrection shine forth!

Prayer no. 3

Jesus, you who cried out to your Father, hear the cries of those who have been abandoned;
You who came out of the tomb alive, open your garden of life to death’s captives.
Christ in agony to the end of the world, remember those members of your body who suffer.
Remember the man who has been let down by his own family and friends,
Remember the woman who has been abandoned and dreads the night,
Remember the innocent man, arrested like a criminal,
Remember the defendant unjustly condemned,
Remember the prisoner who is beaten and humiliated,
Remember the just man led to his death,
Remember the one who trusts in you to the end.

Prayer no. 4

Lord, in this world, women and men are hungry, for bread of course, but also for love, dignity and justice.
Lord, in this world, women and men die because they have no hope.
Lord, in this world hands are weary, knees buckle, hearts suffer.
We ask for bread for those women and men who are hungry for love, we ask for your light for those who are lost, your words for those who despair.
We ask for your strength for those women and men who can go no further, a road of peace for the huge army of refugees and migrant workers, and for those who are persecuted, pursued, imprisoned and tortured.
And the warmth of your love for those who have been abandoned.
We give you thanks for those women and men who, fearless in the face of death, give witness to their faith and pursue the fight for justice.

Lord Jesus, who alone are righteous before God, You were considered guilty and abandoned to your fate at the hands of men;
You were tried, sentenced and tortured to death. We bring before you now the suffering of women and men, have mercy on them all! Give them hope!
For you died for those who die,
And you rose from the dead to lead them to the resurrection!


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