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World Day Against the Death Penalty - 10 October

In 2003 the World Coalition created the first World Day Against the Death Penalty. This initiative was expressed through more than 180 local initiatives across the world. Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Belgium, the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the European Union officially supported the World Day.

Since then, the 10 October date has continued to attract new initiatives. Since 2005, when more than 260 events were held, the World Day Against the Death Penalty has highlighted a particular theme each year.

This day should involve the public and governmental authorities of countries that have not abolished death penalty, as well as those who already have: The organisers are motivated by a strong sense that justice is served by the abolition of the death penalty and we hope to share this message, especially with younger generations.


- Encourage and strengthen the international dimension of the fight against death penalty to influence public opinion and governmental authorities;
- Increase pressure on the States that still implement death penalty to abolish the practice and request the end of capital punishment sentences and executions;
- Promote and enlarge the Worldwide Coalition against death penalty to strengthen its international diversity and representativeness;
- Inaugurate the establishment of the World Day on 10th October of each year and to raise awareness of its existence for international and regional institutions/organisations.

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