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How to get involved?

«People are talking about you outside!»
These words, which were shouted to a torture victim held in a Chilean prison, saved him. Action was being taken on his behalf; he was no longer alone. Words saved his life.

«As long as you keep talking about us in your media, we’re still alive.»
These words, uttered by resistance fighters in Chechnya, helped ensure they were not forgotten. Words gave them hope.

Of course, one isolated letter carries little weight.
But when thousands of letters are sent at the same time, they exert pressure on the political authorities of the country concerned.
It’s the ’drip’ effect!.
Moreover, since these countries’ embassies are informed, they are obliged to give an account of international public opinion to their governments.
Thus by actually writing down the name of a tortured person you are protecting him, since his name will be known on the international scene and it will thus be more difficult simply to make him disappear. In the long term, no government can ignore its international ’reputation’.

- You can therefore answer to our Appeal of the Month.

- You can also inform yourself and read our arguments to convince more and more people.

- You can learn how to use the international or regional human rights mecanisms to better report the human rights violations you witness.

- you can give us your financial support or give us some of your time.

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