Campaign against abusive pre -trial detention

This document has been written specifically for legal professionals, prison staff, visiting prison workers (members of civil society organisations, social workers, religious) and for all members of the public interested in the rights of prisoners. It describes the progress of a detainee through the prison system, from being charged by the investigating judge to his release. As a real tool for the defence of detainees against the lack of implementation of the law, this document is indispensable for all persons closely or remotely related to the prison system.

As part of the campaign against abusive pre -trial detention, FIACAT and ACAT Benin organised a workshop on 10 and 11 December 2014 in Ouidah (Benin) for persons working in or connected with the prison system or members of civil society to improve their capabilities to act for the respect of judicial guarantees.

Over the two days of this workshop, 44 participants working in prison or legal administration and from civil society worked together to endorse the Guide on judicial guarantees of detainees in Benin.

In close collaboration with social workers and armed with the Guide and a detainee follow -up form, prison and legal staff and members of civil society will refer cases of abusive detention to the relevant authorities in order to reduce prison overpopulation and thus improve conditions of detention.