ACAT Cameroun
758, Boulevard de la réunification
Feux-Rouges Bessenguè
Immeuble Aziccul -2ème étage
B.P : 3026 Douala
République du Cameroun
Tél. +237 699-85-14-71 / +237 676 69 88 69
E-mail :

ACAT-Cameroon is fighting for the abolition of torture, the death penalty, enforced disappearances and all other human rights violations throughout the country.

With an authorisation from the Cameroonian public administration No RD/00063/RDA/JO6/BAPP of 23 February 1993, ACAT-Cameroon contributes to the construction of a human rights culture by carrying out missions aimed at:

  • Humanizing prisons;
  • Strengthening and guaranteeing the prevention of torture;
  • Intensifying and improving denunciation and documentation of violations of human rights;
  • Ensuring that national and international opinion and international human rights mechanisms are well informed;
  • Building the capacity of grassroots populations on human rights;
  • Providing psycho-social support to victims of human rights violations;
  • Ensuring the effective functioning of ACAT-Cameroon and its relay structures in the ten (10) regions of the country.

ACAT-Cameroon is a member of several networks of human rights associations at national and international level; it intervenes at the grassroots level, i.e. directly with the populations.