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SOS - Torture / Burundi No. 52

December 2016

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SOS - Torture / Burundi
Report No. 52 from 3rd to 10th december 2016

Monitoring of cases of torture, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and summary executions

This report of SOS-Torture covers the period from 3rd to 10th December 2016 and concerns violations of human rights in Burundi.

At least one hundred and eleven (111) persons were arrested during the week, including 90 in the sole northern of Muyinga commune accused of begging and prostitution. These arrests arise from raids. Similar operations were carried out twice in the Musaga Zone area of Bujumbura.

The report also refers to the kidnappings and disappearances of persons in the western part of the country. At least twenty (20) persons were kidnapped by an unidentified armed group in Rukaramu, Mutimbuzi Commune. In the same area, five (5) other persons, including one soldier, were abducted by an armed group of the National Liberation Front (FNL), which claimed kidnapping.

To consult all reports: http://sostortureburundi.org/

The SOS-Torture Campaign / Burundi was initiated with the aim to inform national and international opinion on the serious violations of human rights ongoing in Burundi through monitoring reports including torture, arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances, sexual violence and summary executions. This initiative of the realities of the country follows the slaughter of a hundred persons killed during the day of December 11th and that of December 12th, 2015 by the police and military forces under the pretext of pursuing rebels who came to attack military camps located on the outskirts of the capital. The affected areas are said protesters of the third term of President Nkurunziza namely Musaga, Mutakura, Cibitoke, Nyakabiga, Jabe, the last two being located in the center of Bujumbura.

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