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Return to God of Jan de Haas on January 29th, 2016

February 2016

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Dear friends,

I regret to announce you the return to God, on January 29th, 2016, of Jan de Haas whom many of you have well known to have been next to him in the Swiss ACAT and/or in the FIACAT. Sick person recently, he went out surrounded with his. His funeral will take place on Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 13:30 at Moudon (Switzerland) where he lived and Patrick Byrne, FIACAT’s Honorary President, will represent us to it (see attached obituary notice).

Born on April 12th, 1950 in Maassluis (Netherlands), Jan de Haas arrived in Switzerland for his theological studies in 1970. He met his wife Geneviève there and had two children and three grandchildren. Definitively settled in Switzerland(Swiss), he was appointed a minister in the West of Lausanne and made a commitment in favour of the drug addicts and the prostitutes. In 1990, he created the Pastoral of street in Lausanne.

Very committed from the beginning of the movement ACAT in the fight for the abolition of the torture and the death penalty, Jan was a president of the Swiss ACAT twice, from 1980 till 1990 and from 2004 till 2014. He was elected to the International Board of FIACAT in 1991 to the International Council of Luxembourg and remained member up to the International Council of Dakar there in 2002. He was a member of teams of preparation of FIACAT’s International Seminars of Basel ( 1990 ), Cotonou ( 1992 ), Ouagadougou ( 1994 ), Münster( 1995 ), Budapest ( 1997 ), Prague ( 2000 ) and Dakar ( 2002 ). He also participated in the workgroup FIACAT Europe from its creation in 1995 and until 2002, also contributing to the coordination of the network of the European ACAT.

Even if they do not mention his commitment ACAT, here is any beautiful Swiss press articles which testify of what was profoundly Jan, a man were eager to live in a brotherly fashion with the most vulnerable:




You will also find attached some testimonies of members of ACAT who had the enjoyment to collaborate with Jan in FIACAT.

Today, it is all the ACAT network which feels orphan so much Jan irradiated the fight shared to accompany during so many years the victims of the torture and the death penalty, whether it is in the FIACAT or in the Swiss ACAT, of its commitment and its generosity, its faith and its radiant energy always turned to the most fragile.

At the present time, let us share a prayer of thanksgiving for the profound joy which Jan knew how to give around him, the example that it was for the numerous people with whom he met, the faith of which it was the testimony, love which he gave to all of us.

In union of prayer and in a brotherly fashion,

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