Provisional Agenda of the 4th World Congress against the Deatn Penalty

février 2010

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- provisional scientific agenda

The Congress venue is the International Conference Center, Geneva (CICG). From February 24th to 26th 2010, the Congress offers two full days of shared experiences, with a dense scientific programme elaborated by the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

Two plenary sessions lasting 2hrs30 mins will center on the main themes of the Congress ; eleven round tables lasting 1hrs30 mins will allow participants to debate on thematic or regional issues ; nine technical workshops will give participants the opportunity to share tools for abolition ; finally, poster sessions will encourage informal discussions among participants.

Plenary sessions :

- International and Regional Organizations : commitments to abolition of the death penalty

- Next challenges for universal abolition : the examples of USA, Japan, China and Iran

Round Tables :

- Racial and ethnic bias in the death penalty implementation

- Protecting vulnerable groups from death penalty : juveniles and those with mental health issues

- Violence, victims and death penalty : how to respond to violence and compensate victims without the death penalty

- Religions and death penalty, opportunities and/or obstacles

- Approaching law enforcement issues without death penalty : legal and public order’s points of view

- Tools and strategies for death penalty abolition in Middle East and North Africa

- Sub-Saharan Africa, from moratorium to abolition in law

- Asia, the legal road to moratorium and abolition.

- The Caribbean : the continued danger of escalating executions

- Access to a competent counsel in capital cases : how lawyers can make the difference between life and death ?

Workshops :

- Elaborating arguments to convince public opinion

- Debate with political cartoonists form Algeria, Japan and the USA (in partnership with Cartooning for Peace)

- Defining strategies for abolition

- Mobilizing target groups (members of parliament, judges, religious leaders, public order’s officers, media, victims, law students…)

- Partnership NGOs-European Union for supporting abolitionist projects

- Advocacy actions towards politicians

- Coalition building

- Online communication strategies

- Sharing educational tools

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