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[Press release] International Coalition against Enforced Disappearances urges Morocco to ratify the Convention on enforced disappearances

mars 2009

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The International Coalition against Enforced Disappearances (ICAED) —a global network of 40 associations of families of disappeared and human rights organisations calls on Morocco to demonstrate its commitment to international law by ratifying the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearances.

In a March 10 letter to the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taïb Fassi-Fihri, the ICAED welcomes the positive attitude of the Moroccan government towards the Convention. The ICAED also congratulated the Moroccan government as one of the first countries to sign the Convention, during the signing ceremony on February 6, 2007 in Paris.

“We are pleased to take notice of repeated confirmation of Moroccan government officials, that there are no further obstacles towards ratification” said Dave Hardy, coordinator of the ICAED. “The ICAED would therefore welcome a specific date for the ratification of the Convention by Morocco.” The letter of the ICAED is part of the global campaign in the month March for ratification of the Convention by Morocco.

So far 81 countries have signed the Convention and 10 countries have ratified. The Convention will enter into force after 20 ratifications. By taking action without hesitation, Morocco would be distinguished among the first countries to ratify the Convention and would therefore be instrumental to its entry into force.

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