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[Press release] Chad: Human rights defenders are still in danger!

March 2008

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Human rights defenders are still in danger!

Paris, 5 March 2008

FIACAT is deeply concerned by the intimidating tactics being employed against defenders of human rights in N’Djamena.

Although the situation there has calmed down somewhat since the foiled offensive by a rebel coalition on the capital on 2 and 3 February 2008, many human rights defenders are still being regularly intimidated and attacked in N’Djamena. It would appear that intelligence agents are deliberately targeting civilians and impeding their enquiries into the disappearance of members of the opposition.

The Chadian Head of State pledged on Wednesday 27 February to establish an International Commission of Inquiry whose remit would include looking into the case of Chadian opposition leaders arrested during the rebel offensive. The membership list of this Commission does not inspire confidence in its ability to remain independent and impartial.

FIACAT condemns these efforts to silence civilians or to force them into exile and requests that the Chadian authorities honour their pledge by helping to explain recent events and not impeding human rights defenders in their work.

Press contact :
Nathalie Jeannin – n.jeannin@fiacat.org
Tel. (33) 1 42 80 01 60

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