Jesus is condemned to death

January 2011

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As for Jesus, after having him scourged, Pilate handed him over to be crucified.

(Matthew 27, 26)

A victim is required to satisfy the crowd’s fury.
A ’king’ is required to control the political unrest.
The victim’s fate is decided by the toss of a coin
to howls of abuse from the crowd.
Jesus Barabbas (the ’son of his father’) is set free.
Jesus of Nazareth, who calls himself ’Son of the Father’,
is handed over to Pilate
who washes his hands of the whole affair.

Truth is writhing in the dock.
Liberty flounders on the banks of absolute power.
Life stands dejected on the edge of fear.

Today there are still thousands of prisoners
wasting away in the corridors of death.
In a bid to be elected, how many leaders
flatter their constituents
by following public opinion?

It’s an inhumane ’justice’ system
where society kills to show one must not kill,
destroys a life, without healing violence,
rejects repentance, conversion, healing,
devalues itself by sometimes convicting the innocent.

Is there anything more inhumane
Than not being able to defend yourself
Because you’re black, or poor,
or dependent on a corrupt lawyer?

Is there anything more inhumane
Than to proclaim your innocence and not be heard?

Let us be silent then, in communion with all those condemned to death.

Marie-Thérèse Bouchardy

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