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[Press release] IVORY COAST : Towards the holding of credible, free, fair, transparent and calm Elections

octobre 2010

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Paris – Abidjan, October 19th 2010

In preparation for the upcoming Presidential elections planned for October 31st in the Ivory Coast, and postponed many times, there are still fears that clashes and violent protests may lead to serious human rights violations.

All the necessary guarantees to secure the elections have not yet been met.

In order to avoid chaos and prevent violent protests that may lead to serious human rights violations, the signatory organizations urge the authorities of the Ivory Coast and spare no effort to :

- Guarantee the holding of credible, free, fair, transparent and calm elections ;

- Allow equitable access for candidates and their teams throughout the territory of the Ivory Coast and to State media, at all stages of the electoral process ;

- Enforce the Code of Conduct signed on April 24, 2008 by the 14 candidates to the Presidential elections or their representatives ;

- Secure the right to information and the freedom of circulation before, during and after the elections by removing obstacles from the way of journalists, national and international stakeholders and human rights advocates who cover the entire electoral process ;

- Refrain from restricting or suspending fundamental human rights by imposing emergency that are favourable to human rights violations ;

- Ensure the safety of people and goods, before, during and after the elections by creating a security plan aimed at dismantling existing militias or other groups that are a threat to the electoral process.

The upcoming elections must be the first step towards national reconciliation and the return of peace by justice. They must encourage the implementation of a national system that is real and effective, aimed at promoting, protecting and implementing the human rights.

The signatory organizations therefore urge the candidates to the presidential elections to commit themselves to the fight against impunity of the perpetrators human rights violations.

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