[HRC 14] Joint statement on the study on secret detention

June 2010

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Human Rights Council
14th session

Interactive dialogue item 3 : Joint study on secret detention of the SR on torture & other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, SR on the promotion and protection of human rights & fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, WGAD & WGEID

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Joint Statement APT, FIACAT, OMCT and IRCT:

The APT, FIACAT, OMCT and IRCT welcome this Joint Study on Secret Detention, which has had difficult passage through the Council. It deals with a subject of such fundamental importance that it must not be ignored by any of us – and particularly not by Members of the Human Rights Council, who are duty bound to react when such a widespread practice threatens the very principles and objectives of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration on which this Council was founded.

As the study emphasizes, secret detention facilitates, and may even amount to, torture and other ill-treatment, which are absolutely prohibited under international law.

No national security exigencies can ever justify the violation of such fundamental human rights norms.

We strongly urge member States to fully implement the recommendations contained in the study with the view to ending the practice of secret detention and drawing a line under an era of shameful disrespect for human rights.

Our question to the authors of the report is: Don’t you think it would be appropriate for the Council to pass a resolution calling on States to investigate the revelations in this report without delay, and deliver justice to all those involved in this illegal practice? Given the violations documented here, to do any less would fail to respect the mandate of the Human Rights Council, and thus jeopardize its credibility.

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