Happy the man, Guy Gilbert

January 2011

[English] [français]

Happy the man who does not judge
those who have been found guilty,
who never rejoices that he
has been clever enough not to get caught.

Happy the man who hates
neither the rapist nor the murderer,
for he knows that no-one
is born that way.

Happy the man who knows
the address of the town prison
and who refuses to think
that those inside
should stay there and rot.

Happy the man who thinks
that the last muscle
to use on behalf of prisoners
should be the tongue.

Happy the man who supports, welcomes
and takes responsibility for
the prisoner’s wife and kid.

Happy those who will not tolerate
that kids of 13 to 16
be sent to prison
and who will do everything they can to stop it.

And happy the man who never forgets that
in the Gospel
it was a repentant crook who, at the very last minute, was forgiven,
and sped straight to heaven to be first into the kingdom of love.

Guy Gilbert
Extract from ’Aventurier de l’amour’, publ. by Stock

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