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[CDH] Alternative report by ACAT United-Kingdom and FIACAT on the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Right by the United-Kingdom

July 2008

FIACAT, an international association with consultative status at ECOSOC has the honour of addressing the following concerns to your attention regarding the implementation by the United- Kingdom of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the Covenant).

This alternative report to the sixth periodic report of the United-Kingdom is to be presented during the 93rd session of the Human Rights Committee, which will be held in Geneva from 7-25 July 2008.

FIACAT has only studied those articles related to its objective, the fight against torture and capital punishment.

This alternative report has been prepared in close cooperation with ACAT-UK, a member of the FIACAT network in the United-Kingdom.

The study is divided into three parts:
- The introduction which present partners NGOs.
- The main body analyses, article by article, the implementation of the Covenant by the United-Kingdom on a national level.
- The report ends with a series of recommendations that FIACAT and ACAT-UK are putting to the Human Rights Committee.

The information contained in this report is both recent and reliable.

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