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[CAT] FIACAT and ACAT Togo ’s alternative report regarding the situation of torture and ill treatment in Togo

mai 2006

FIACAT, an international association with consultative status at the ECOSOC, submits for your attention the following concerns with regard to Togo’s implementation of the United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

This report is submitted for the 36th session of the Committee against Torture, to be held in Geneva from 1 to 19 May 2006, at which the initial report by Togo on implementation of the rights set out in the Convention against Torture will be scrutinised, eighteen years late.

This counter-report has been drawn up in close collaboration with the Togo NGOs and members of civil society active in defending human rights, whom we do not name in order to avoid reprisals.

This study comprises three parts :

The first reviews the general international legal framework for the protection of human rights and the political situation in Togo.

The second examines article by article how Togo has implemented the Convention against Torture at national level.

The report concludes with a set of recommendations by FIACAT to the Committee against Torture.

This report will confine itself to discussing the following three aspects : – defining the ban on torture and maltreatment in national law ; – preventing acts of torture in places of detention ; – combating impunity.

This choice is explained by the difficulties of obtaining access to information and the risks incurred by the Togolese associations in the field. Despite these difficulties, the information in this report is both recent and entirely reliable. It provides an overall picture of how the Convention against Torture is implemented in Togo.

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