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BRAZIL: Torture carried out with impunity en toute impunité

June 2010

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In the State of São Paulo, Brazil, torture by the security services still occurs frequently, with total impunity and in a discriminatory manner.

Eduardo Pinheiro dos Santos and Alexandre Menezes dos Santos were tortured to death. Eduardo was tortured by a group of 12 military police (MP) following the theft of a bicycle, on 9 April 2010 in the northern area of São Paulo. Alexandre was pursued by an MP patrol to his home, and killed in front of his mother. This shows that State officials are still using arbitrary force with total impunity.

Eduardo and Alexandre were both black, as are the majority of victims of torture carried out by State officials.

On 5 May 2010, Sinvaldo José Firmo – lawyer, human rights activist and founder member of ACAT Brazil – also experienced São Paulo police violence at first hand. On his way to the stadium with his son, they were both suddenly stopped as they passed in front of a military police vehicle with the registration number CWN 5424. Police officers aimed their guns at the head of Sinvaldo’s teenage son, and Sinvaldo, after identifying himself, was pinned against the wall and searched by the military police.

Sinvaldo and his son are also black.

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