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2.- A common Christian on the theme of torture

January 2001

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Lord Jesus, you are alive: this is our faith and our hope, at the centre of our lives and daily struggles. Risen from the dead, you appear to us today as you did to your apostles, showing the signs of your suffering: the wounds which still mark your resurrected body. We cannot see you, but we believe and turn to you!

As witnesses to human suffering, particularly the suffering people inflict on each other, we see in you a man subjected to torture.

As companions to those who fight for justice, we acknowledge you as the victor over all that leads to death.

As believers from all Churches, in the footsteps of the apostles, we believe that the world is in the grip of birth pains, and that the Spirit you promised us is at work here.

That is why in our minds and hearts we focus today on some aspects of your Passion and of the passion of men and women whose situations are known to us and trouble us. Inspire us with compassion and courage. Help those whom you have taught us to see as brothers and sisters in humanity, despite differences in the values we may have chosen. May your words of forgiveness inspire torturers to change their ways!

Holy Spirit, remind us of Jesus’ words to his apostles when he sent them out to preach the Good News and warned them of the fate which awaited them at the hands of the powerful!

Holy Spirit, let your love grow within us and between us, a love which transforms our hearts and gives hope to our world!

Teach us from within how to live and understand the events which we witness today.

God our Father, teach us how to act and pray for a more just world where each person can take their rightful place. Every day we create another chapter in the history of our world: help us to do your will, Father, and work towards the reconciliation of all humanity. With hope in our hearts, let us say the prayer your Son Jesus taught us, with him and through your Holy Spirit: "Our Father…".

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