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World Day against the Death Penalty 2007: The World Decides!

On October 10th, 2007, the World Day against the Death Penalty will focus on the proposed UN General Assembly resolution for a universal moratorium on executions. The proposal would save lives and give the population of retentionist states an opportunity to see for themselves that a pause in death sentences does not lead to higher crime rates.

A resolution by the UN highest political body would be an important international milestone in the campaign to abolish the death penalty worldwide and would carry considerable moral weight. This initiative has already gathered the support of 5 millions people worldwide.

You can support the momentum to end capital punishment and ask your country to support this resolution. Check out this page regularly to view the programme, which will be updated with events planned in your country, or subscribe to the World Day’s RSS feed by clicking here.

Call for initiatives

On 10 October 2007, Take action against the death penalty

- Join the hundreds of initiatives worldwide
- Spread the international petition calling for a universal moratorium on death penalty (available on September 1st)
- Get your government to support the UN General Assembly resolution for a global moratorium

Wherever you are
- In Africa, America, Asia, Oceania or Europe

Whoever you are
- NGOS, teachers, lawyers, local representatives, parliamentarians, artists, reporters, religious leaders, citizens

Whatever your plans are
- Debates, concerts, press conferences, demonstrations, petitions, educational and cultural activities...

Get in touch with the World Coalition or FIACAT to take part!

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