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Theological ressources

Theology, which literally translates as "discourse on God", deals essentially with the God of Faith known through his Revelation. It involves the study of texts and history that sets documents of faith back in their context and attempts to revive them, with reference to philosophy and, more generally, human sciences that provide a deeper understanding of human beings to whom God reveals himself.
While important as a discourse and a reflection on God and divine realities, theology has a much broader scope. There isn’t one theology, but a multiplicity of theological discourses that are connected to local realities and are contemporary with our discourse on the world and the way we live our faith.

The basis of theology is the Word. It is within the Word that theology finds the substance of its discourse. I speak of God, but God spoke of me, well before I spoke. I am preceded by a given Word that “conditions” my own discourse.
This section
proposes a discussion on the God who gave meaning to our lives, who punctuates and directs our lives and our daily actions.

How, in my private prayers, can I give grace for the life received, without simultaneously interceding on behalf of those who are the victims of barbarous acts? How, in my private prayers, do I give grace for the life received, while also praying that the torturers will ask for the forgiveness of their acts that have violated the integrity and the lives of “our brothers and sisters” in humanity?

FIACAT’s aim in this series of articles and discussions is to help everyone to explore further their understanding of their encounter with God through Jesus Christ. FIACAT also hopes to help members of the network to focus on what is at the root of their individual and collective actions: Faith in Jesus Christ who was tortured and died, but rose again so that all human beings could be given back their dignity as Children of God.

Aim :
to spark a discussion on the Christian roots of our campaign
to provide educational material promoting individual thoughts or group discussions on theology, alternatively within the framework of ACATs.
The documents presented deal with various themes reflecting the Christian commitment to oppose torture and the death penalty, such as:

- the Christian point of view on torture and the death penalty

- the issue of « torture and prison »

- the issue of forced disappearances and human rights

- the issue of evil in religion and in the world

- victims and torturers: how the Gospel guides us

- forgiveness and reconciliation : how ? Why?

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