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Biennial training course for African trainers in human rights

Together with UCAC (the Catholic University of Central Africa), APDHAC (the Association for the Promotion of Human Rights in Central Africa) and IDHL (the Lyons Institute for Human Rights), FIACAT organises every two years a biennial training course for African trainers in human rights.

- The course is in three stages:

1). An initial training session that lasts for three weeks in July in the UCAC premises in Yaounde (Cameroon). The participants present a human rights training or awareness-raising project to the teaching staff. They commit themselves to implementing this project during the year following the session.

2). The project is carried out the following year. An initial assessment is made seven or eight months later after a report has been submitted to FIACAT.

3). An evaluation and follow-up session which takes place over one week in July of the following year. Based on this report, a shortlist of candidates is drawn.

- Audience :

The training course is aimed at French-speaking African actors, who have obtained a bachelor degree and who are activists on the ground committed to the defence and promotion of human rights in Africa.

Candidates should be sponsored by an association, Institute, Church, the latter undertaking to monitor the implementation of a project on the ground during the year following the session.

- Certificate

- At the end of the first session, a certificate of attendance is awarded to participants who completed the whole training and obtaining a satisfactory outcome to the final evaluation.

- After this second session a "training certificate for African trainers in human rights" will be delivered to the participants, co-signed by FIACAT, IDHL, APDHAC and UCAC.

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