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FIACAT in the HRC’s review process

Pursuant to General Assembly resolution 60/251 of 15 March 2006, the Human Rights Council is to review its work and functioning five years after it has come into existence.

At its 12th session in September 2009, the Council, by resolution 12/1, decided to establish an open-ended intergovernmental working group on the review of the work and functioning of the Human Rights Council, which hold its first session from 25 to 29 October 2010.

A number of informal initiatives have been launched by Member States and Observers.

The second session of the working group was held on the 7, 17 and 18, 23th - 24th February 2011.

FIACAT took an active part in those developments. On December 2009, FIACAT published a report assessing the UPR’s work, its strengths and its weaknesses. The report points out some recommendations that could help finding ways to improve the UPR mechanism. Those recommendations are addressed in the first place to UN Member States but some of them concern NGOs.

The working group adopted the review report on the 24th February 2011 and then, the Human rights Council adopted the report on March 25th.

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