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FIACAT at the UN

In its work to reinforce the total ban on torture, FIACAT represents ACAT members belonging to its network at the United Nations; by being present on the international scene, FIACAT can contribute to ensuring full respect of international standards of human rights protection.

This international presence also allows FIACAT to train individual national members of its network who work alongside those held in detention.

FIACAT was created in 1987 and has been accorded consultative status within the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1989.

What is FIACAT doing at the UN?

- FIACAT attends and contributes to the sessions of the Human Rights Council’s which is the principal United Nations intergovernmental body responsible for human rights and to its mandates and mecanismes like the Universal periodic review and the Special procedures.

FIACAT played also an important role with the former Commission on Human Rights.

- FIACAT monitors the proceedings of Human Rights Treaty Bodies.

Once a State has ratified a Convention and accepted the authority of the United Nations Committee responsible for monitoring it, it has to submit regular reports to the experts appointed by the committee, specifying what measures it has taken or will take to enforce the Convention in question.

NGOs are called upon to tell the experts the other side of the story in order to enable them to identify more pointedly the failures in the system and recommend steps to be taken by the State under scrutiny in order to respond to the Convention’s requirements.

Each time a State where an ACAT exist is examined by a Committee, FIACAT can provide experts with information.

FIACAT monitors:

- FIACAT participates to the elaboration of new international legal instruments related to torture.

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