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FIACAT before the Council of Europe

FIACAT has participatory status with the Council of Europe

FIACAT and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture

FIACAT collaborates in particular with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) by providing it with information on the situation on torture and ill-treatment in visited countries and by alerting it, if need be, to worrying cases.

During CPT visits in a country where a member association of its network exists, FIACAT facilitates a meeting with the CPT, the first day of its visit in the country.

FIACAT calls on States, asking them to make the report of the visit of the CPT public. Even if publication is the rule nowadays, it is important to make sure that publication takes place quickly because publication years later does not have the same impact.

FIACAT is engaged, along with its member associations on the ground, in following the implementation of the CPT’s recommendations to States.

FIACAT participates in the Conference of INGO’s of the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe maintains statutory relations with IONGs with participatory status, brought together under the collective name Conference of INGO’s of the Council of Europe. Thanks to this status, today FIACAT actively contributes to the decision process within the Council of Europe and to the implementation of the programs of the Organization.

FIACAT participates regularly in the work of the Committee on Human Rights of the Conference of NGO’s, which brings together some 160 NGO’s. The themes that are the object of particular interest are: the protection of human rights defenders, religion and human rights, media and human rights, children and human rights, the Social Charter, and economic and social rights. The Committee meets four times a year in Strasbourg.

In addition, FIACAT follows the work of the Commissioner of Human Rights.

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