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FIACAT and the Human Rights Committee

Consideration of States parties’ reports

The UN Human Rights Committee monitors the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by its State parties. It considers regular reports sumitted by States parties on how they have been implementing the treaty provisions. This review takes place in the presence of a delegation of the State party and in the light of all information, including further written and oral information provided by the State party, as well as informationreceived from United Nations agencies, national human rights institutions and civil society actors, in particular non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
The Committee meets in Geneva or New York and normally holds three sessions per year.

Based on this process, the Committee adopts “concluding observations”, which refer to the positive aspects of a State’s implementation of the treaty and the areas Committee recommends the State to take further action.

FIACAT’s contribution

FIACAT represents the ACATs, member of its network, at sessions of the Human Rights Committee whenever a State Party’report is examined by the Committee where an ACAT exist.
FIACAT assists the ACATs in drafting alternativ reports and other contributions before the adoption of the Lists of issues. Whenever possible it arranges for a member of the ACAT concerned to attend, to pass on its concerns to the Committee experts.

In order to assist States in implementing the recommendations received, FIACAT introduces procedures in collaboration with the ACAT of the Concerned country to ensure effective follow-up to the concluding observations.

The treaty body reform
FIACAT has been involved in efforts to harmonise the working methods of bodies set up under United Nations treaties since 2002. More details

- More informations on the Human Rights Committee’s work

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