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FIACAT and the former Commission on Human Rights

This intergovernmental body consists of 53 States members elected for three-year terms. It provides a forum in which states and organisations, both intergovernmental and non- governmental (NGOs) can express their human rights concerns.

Every year, a regular session of the CHR is held in Geneva, spanning six weeks (from mid-March to the end of April). This provides an opportunity for the international community to hear reports on all that has been undertaken in its name, to be alerted to various human rights issues - especially human rights violations - and to debate and clarify them.

The states and NGOs give briefings on the situations which cause them concern and the governments in question are asked to respond.

Every year, FIACAT attends the session to draw attention to serious situations under those points of the agenda which fall within its area of action (torture, violence, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, impunity, etc.). It may do so in the form of written submissions and/or oral statements, alone or jointly with other NGOs.

When such concerns are voiced, the CHR is able to react by adopting resolutions which may, for example, condemn violations, grant technical assistance to some government, ask some other government to come and explain itself, appoint a special rapporteur or a group of experts for an inquiry or site visit.

While these resolutions have no executory force, they are nonetheless a very effective way of applying pressure. They are submitted for approval - if appropriate by vote - by the international community, and are carefully drafted, with informal consultations between delegations and very intense negotiations on the "burning issues".

FIACAT’s interventions at the UN Commission on Human Rights :

- 62e session of the CHR, 2006

- 61e session of the CHR, 2005

- 60e session of the CHR, 2004

- 59e session of the CHR, 2003

- 58e session of the CHR, 2002

- 57e session of the CHR, 2001

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